Corporate Support

Ongoing Support From ABC Professionals

The powerful combination of corporate plus local support sets Always Best Care apart from our competition and enables Always Best Care franchise owners to navigate with a clear and proven plan. Always Best Care focuses on providing franchisees with this additional level of local response, proactive strategic growth, and mentoring.

At Always Best Care, the foundation of your success is a powerful combination of corporate and local professionals working together with a vested interest in your growth. Always Best Care’s corporate team drives new initiatives including extensive training for you and your staff, sales performance metrics, marketing, national accounts, turn-key operating technology, national research associations, system-wide benchmarking and customer satisfaction support.

Always Best Care National Field Support Office Delivers:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly webinars on subjects that span a wide range of your operations
  • Regular calls and meetings with your Area Representatives and National Directors to reinforce and enhance your business development
  • Specialized training for your staff, including monthly in-service webinars and continuing education units
  • Timely local, regional and national meetings to keep corporate communication lines open and address best business practices
  • Bi-annual international conferences include: new initiatives, training and advisory board input

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other franchise owners, Area Representatives and the corporate field support headquarters. Plus, Always Best Care provides multiple online libraries to give you a river of knowledge that you can utilize on a local basis. For example, within the “Marketing Website”, you’ll have access to:

  • National Advertising

    Reports and webinar recordings of special presentations regarding the National Advertising Fund

  • “Impact” Videos

    A series of 2-minute videos to help reinforce important marketing concepts

  • Philips Lifeline

    Marketing materials for the Philips Lifeline Emergency Medical Alert system and special promotions

  • Free ABC RX Program

    Complete information on how to implement the Free ABC RX program, which can save users up to 65 percent off the cost of prescription drugs at more than 56,000 pharmacies across the country

  • Advertising Templates

    More than 100 marketing templates that will cover all forms of advertising including both traditional and web-based mediums

  • Articles

    Feature articles on a variety of home-care related topics (available for download through the Always Best Care national website)

  • Brochures

    A variety of brochures which can be localized to meet the needs of individual franchisees

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing templates that can be localized for use by individual franchisees

  • Flyers

    Numerous flyers to meet a variety of needs and provide a basis for ongoing conversations with referral sources – so there’s always something to talk about!

  • Grand Opening

    Grand opening materials and guidelines

  • Images

    Both professional original photography and stock images which can be used in local franchise marketing efforts

  • Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing strategies and information, including discussions on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and other online efforts

  • Introduction Letters

    Introduction letters for franchisees to utilize when writing to potential referral sources

  • Logos

    Always Best Care logos in both color and black-and-white formats

  • Marketing Ideas

    Examples of various marketing ideas to use when working with referral sources, senior communities and clients

  • Press Releases

    Press releases on a variety of topics (available for download through the Always Best Care Marketing Website)