Examining the Profitability of Home Care Franchises

Why Are Home Franchises So Profitable Right Now?

Since the economic collapse of 2008, nothing has been quite the same. Although the economy is recovering, echoes from the downturn of the last decade continue to reverberate. This can be observed perhaps most closely in the job market, where employment searchers are increasingly considering non traditional forms of work that give them more control – and more security – in a rapidly changing world. That’s why so many people are considering franchises. However, not many people think to consider franchising in the home care sector.

Why Home Care for a Franchise?

When most people think of franchises, the first thing that comes to mind is food. The fast food industry, in particular, has grown at an incredible rate thanks largely to the efforts of dedicated franchisees. Food is familiar to everyone, and most people have experienced dining at one or more different food franchises over the course of their lives. Moreover, many people in our society began their careers working for such franchises. This means that food franchises are very familiar to the general public – making food an easy entry into the world of franchising.

Just because an industry is familiar, however, doesn’t mean that it’s ideal for everyone who wants to enter into franchise ownership. The food industry is highly competitive, and many people find it to be too stressful to sustain a happy, fulfilling career for very long. Additionally, some people are simply uncomfortable with the idea of entering an industry that is known for providing poor nutrition, while others feel a calling to go into business that serves others more directly.

Home care is one of the rising industries in the franchising world. As it turns out, more and more seniors are electing to receive elder care services in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. This means that the demand for ethical and effective home care providers is growing incredibly fast, leaving a market wide open for potential franchisees searching for a unique and rewarding opportunity.

The Benefits of Home Care Franchising

Low Costs of Entry

Fast food franchises are potentially lucrative, but they require a massive upfront investment, often exceeding $500,000. Always Best Care upfront investment costs range from $60,000 to $110,000 – more than half of the $500,000 price point for a fast food franchise.

  • High Demand
    There are more seniors living in our world than ever before in history, and they’re living much longer than ever before, too. Unfortunately, the facilities and services that they need can’t keep up with the demand that exists. As more and more seniors seek alternative care, home care franchises are set up for a great future of service.
  • Help with Legal and Organizational Issues
    No one likes to deal with red tape, especially when it comes to issues surrounding home care. Fortunately, home care franchisees can say goodbye to headaches associated with red tape and legal busywork because franchises have built in recognition and reputations, as well as an ability to make life easier for otherwise independent home health operators.
  • Money Can Be Made
    Getting into a franchise business is done because it’s a great way to earn revenue. What many people don’t know is that the home care sector provides a greater opportunity to make more money more quickly.
  • Doing Some Good in the World
    Seniors often struggle in their golden years, and they deserve to be taken care of with dignity. As our aging population seeks solutions for care, they are finding an increasing number of available options. For those who want to not only earn an impressive income, but also make a positive difference in the lives of our most experienced citizens, franchising in the non-medical home care industry simply makes sense.

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