Senior Care Franchising: Opportunity for Husband and Wife Teams

For many couples, considering a second career is often a joint effort. Whether it’s because the kids have moved out and they’re looking for a business opportunity to pursue together, or if they simply want to find a way to spend less time apart as they work to achieve goals, a lot of couples turn to franchising to satisfy their second-career needs. Senior Care Franchising: Opportunity for Husband and Wife TeamsAlthough there are seemingly countless business types to pursue in the franchise world, senior care franchising could be the best fit for husband-and-wife teams because of its family focus and the many inherent opportunities to help others in the community.

Family and Franchise Ownership

Franchise owners often describe their businesses in the same way they describe their families: it’s all about doing the best for those who depend on you and remaining accountable to those upon whom you depend. In the senior care industry, the focus on family is even more obvious. Senior care franchise owners are there for their community, making themselves available for families who require solutions when it comes to caring for an aging loved one.

Experience Plays a Part

For many husband-and-wife senior care franchise teams, the passion to provide compassionate care comes from direct experience. Couples who are searching for a second-career opportunity in senior care tend to be drawn to the industry because they’ve played a significant role in the care of a loved one. They’ve worked together to help senior loved ones in their own families, and now they’re inspired to continue helping seniors. Franchise ownership represents the ideal fit for them.

Helping Others and Helping Each Other

When couples consider a second career together, they are focused on earning a living, but providing a resource for the community is also important. Senior care franchise ownership gives husband-and-wife teams the chance to satisfy needs for excellent, compassionate care in the community while establishing a legacy that goes beyond the ability to do business well. When couples help each other as partners in senior care franchise ownership, they help so many other people, too!

Senior Care Franchising: Opportunity for Husband and Wife TeamsA Clear, Combined Vision

Are you and your spouse searching for the perfect second-career opportunity? Do you share a passion for helping others and giving back to the community? You owe it to yourself to investigate whether your clear, combined vision is suited for senior care. Today’s seniors prefer to age in place, but families can’t always be around to ensure that their loved ones are safe and sound. As senior care franchise owners, you and your spouse can make a real difference while pursuing an amazing opportunity!

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Transitioning Into Franchise Ownership

Franchising is a great way to own and operate your own business, but the concepts inherent to franchising aren’t always easy to understand. In many cases, newcomers to this type of business model — those who have never run their own business before — adapt more quickly to franchising than those people who come from the world of independent business ownership. Adjusting to a career as a franchisee can be difficult for those who have owned and operated their own businesses in the past, even though these individuals bring tremendous assets to the table.

Are you a business owner who is considering a shift into franchising? Your skills and experience will serve you well, but there are some important things to keep in mind as you make the change and learn how to operate successfully as a franchisee.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips!

Do Your Research
This is true for everyone entering a career in franchising, but it’s particularly true for those who come from the world of traditional business ownership: researching the ideal franchise opportunity is crucial to your eventual success. As someone with experience in business, you’ll want to enter a franchising situation that rewards your depth of knowledge, and you’ll want to find an opportunity that allows you to use your accumulated skills to earn success. A lot of franchising opportunities will be less than ideal. Use your time in research to eliminate prospects that won’t serve you well.

Talk To People
As a business person, you probably have a large network of people whose experience and knowledge you can draw from. You learn by interacting with them, and they have been essential to your success. Use your networking skills to your advantage as you investigate various franchising opportunities — talk to existing franchisees and learn about their experiences. Don’t be afraid to seek out conversations with franchisors, either! Your efforts here will help you determine which franchise suits your skills and your business style best.

Consider the Industry
If you’re thinking about shifting into franchising from a career as an independent business owner, you must be looking for change. Perhaps this means that a change of industry is appropriate, as well. However, you may be better off remaining within the industry that you know and find familiar. The choice is yours, but it’s one that requires thought and serious consideration.

One thing is for sure: the senior-care industry is growing rapidly, and franchisees from all walks of life are finding renewed passion for their careers in this amazing franchising sector!

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Time is Money: Finding More Time To Manage Your Home Care Business

As a home care business franchisee, it’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day operations, leaving little time to consider larger decisions and the direction of the business. In order to function effectively, a franchise operator should have as much optional time as possible, but finding it can be a challenge. Some strategies to increase optional time include hiring new employees, delegating certain duties to others, automating certain functions, or even dropping certain responsibilities which are no longer necessary for successful operations. Ideally, delegating more responsibilities to employees is considered a positive, but in order to do so, employees must be qualified and capable of assuming added responsibility.

One mistake home care franchise operators can make is taking ownership of problems or situations which employees have brought to them for help. Rather than giving employees the opportunity to learn to perform the task or make the decision, the operator continues to do it because it seems easier and less time-consuming than training the employee to do it. Taking over the problem seems easier, but the better decision is to allow the employee to retain the responsibility for the problem and tell the franchisee how he or she plans to handle it. The process to allow this can seem time consuming, but ultimately it will result in better results. A franchisee should make sure his or her employees are fully and properly trained and when problems arise, encourage and allow them to offer solutions. The more challenging situations should be monitored more closely. With time and encouragement, most non-medical home care franchise employees can learn to stop running to the owner or manager every time there is a problem. Good employees will learn to successfully solve problems independently, in a manner that is consistent with the wishes of the owner.

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Five Ways a Home Care Franchise Changes Lives

As people age, everyday tasks often become more challenging.  Many senior citizens may find themselves in need of daily help with errands, chores and personal care, but their family members may not be available to the extent needed.  Non-medical in-home care is an excellent solution for individuals who need help with everyday activities, but who do not require daily medical care or monitoring.

Here are five ways a home care franchise is changing the lives of seniors and their families:

  1. Assisting seniors with everyday tasks –– In-home caregivers help seniors with meal preparation, grocery shopping, mail sorting and bookkeeping, light housekeeping, personal care and transport, among other things.
  2. Providing affordable care –– In-home care can be an affordable alternative to assisted living facilities, which can cost anywhere from $2,800-$7,000 per month.
  3. Giving families peace of mind –– Family members, especially those with young children at home, may find it difficult to help their loved ones to the extent they’d like.  In-home care professionals can provide family members with peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving the help and attention they need.
  4. Providing seniors with companionship –– Elderly people, especially those who are unmarried or widowed, often experience loneliness more acutely as they become more distanced from busy family members and friends, and spend more time at home alone.  An in-home caregiver’s companionship can go a long way to combat loneliness and comfort seniors.
  5. Helping seniors maintain independence –– For most of us, the thought of becoming dependent on others is uncomfortable.  Seniors frequently report that maintaining as much independence as possible is extremely important to them as they age.  In-home caregivers can provide assistance with certain tasks, while allowing seniors to maintain their independence.

The American population is aging—the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to increase to around 72 million, in the year 2030, in the United States.  Our aging population will bring increased demand for senior care services and alternatives to assisted living, such as in-home care.  Always Best Care is one of the leading providers of senior care in the nation and is ready to serve this population.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care, assisted living placement services, and skilled home health care.  The company delivers its services through a national network of nearly 190 independently owned and operated franchise territories throughout the USA.

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Top Reasons Baby Boomers Are Retiring Later

Many Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are choosing to delay retirement and continue working—and not necessarily for financial reasons.   According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people age 65 and older in the workforce had increased from 12.9 percent in 2000 to 17.4 percent in 2010 and is expected to increase to 22.5 percent by the year 2020. Franchise with Always Best Care explores the reasons behind this increase in older workers.

Working Provides Rewards beyond Financial Compensation 

While it’s true that some Americans have not saved sufficiently and, therefore, must continue working into retirement, the reasons behind the trend of Boomers working beyond age 65 are varied.  Beyond financial necessity alone, older Americans are choosing to work longer for emotional and psychological reasons.

A study from the Sloan Center on Aging and Work found that 89 percent of older workers surveyed reported enjoying their work.  And in a sample of individuals ages 50 and over, the 2002 National Study of the Changing Workforce found that 91 percent of those surveyed said the work they do is meaningful to them.   Older folks continue working beyond retirement to reduce social isolation and increase their connection to the community.  Many people report that working helps give meaning to their lives, while others want to be able to use their knowledge and experience on the job.

Helping Baby Boomers in the Coming Years

Although many Baby Boomers are opting to delay retirement and continue working, this growing segment of the population will require assistance in the coming years and decades.  More folks are choosing to age in place, opting for home care rather than assisted living.  If helping seniors is your passion, contact Franchise with Always Best Care to learn more about starting a senior home care businesses with one of the top home care franchises in the nation.

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Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


Please refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.

5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective Entrepreneur

5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective EntrepreneurBecoming an effective franchise owner requires an investment of money, time and hard work. Another key piece to the puzzle of franchise ownership is developing the proper mindset. When you own and operate a senior care franchise, you need to be able to keep your mind on your goals, even when you’re being pulled in countless different directions.

If you are interested in franchise ownership within the senior care sector, but you’re not sure if you have the right mindset to be effective, here are five terrific tips to help you get your mind on track!

#1 — Always Be Seeking Opportunities

For many franchise owners, there is a specific time and place for seeking opportunities, whether it’s during networking events or on days set aside for online research and interactions. But to make an impact with a franchise, it’s necessary to develop the ability and mindset to seek opportunity at all times.

For example, let’s say you’re getting your morning coffee and you overhear a group of people talking about senior issues in the corner of the coffee shop. Your instinct might be to get your morning Joe and head out the door, but the entrepreneurial mindset would direct you over to their table where you could introduce yourself and let the party know that you are also involved with senior issues. Chances are, you’ll make an impact and a few connections!

#2 — Become Comfortable with Risk

Your instincts might tell you that an opportunity is just too risky to pursue. While your instinct might be right, it’s good to challenge it. Ask yourself whether the opportunity truly is too risky, or whether your instincts are guiding you out of fear. You aren’t going to operate effectively without taking some risks, so getting comfortable here is key.

5 Tips to Start Thinking Like an Effective Entrepreneur#3 — Become More Flexible

As a busy person with a tight schedule and a lot of hats to wear, a rigidly organized day may seem like the best way to keep everything in your life and work in balance. But you can’t always plan everything and expect the world to cooperate every step of the way. Challenges will arise, emergencies will need to be dealt with and your day can turn upside down in a second.

The more flexible you can be, the more able you will be to whether those challenges and changes. You can keep your structure, but learning to be more flexible within it will give you an edge.

#4 — Take the Initiative

Many franchise owners come from industries where they were given orders, or had to wait to be told what to do. Franchise ownership requires you to follow direction from the corporate level, but you also have to be willing and able to take action on your own, when needed. Meeting your challenges head on can be frightening, but with practice, you can develop a mindset that makes it easy!

#5 — Keep One Eye on the Future

Operating in the here and now is crucial for your franchise, but you also have to be able to see what’s just around the corner. Keep one eye on the moment in front of you, but be sure to keep the other on the future so you can plan effectively.

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


Senior Care Franchise Ownership — A Strong Business Model for the Future

Senior Care Franchise Ownership -- A Strong Business Model for the FutureFranchise ownership is terrific avenue for people who want to take their skills and experience into a different realm of business. Senior care franchise ownership, in particular, gets a lot of press because the industry is growing so much, but you may be wondering — is it a strong business model for the future?

Obviously, we are biased on the subject, but there are some undeniable facts that show that in-home senior care franchise ownership is a fantastic sector to enter for people like you who want to steer their ship into a solid, satisfying and potentially lucrative future.

What Do You See in Your Future?

Not every opportunity is a great fit for everyone. Senior care franchise ownership represents a fantastic business option for people from all walks of life, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, we would advise you not to be so quick to dismiss it if it doesn’t immediately stand out in your mind as a possible future.

The first step in deciding what you will do with your professional life is to envision what you want it to look like. Like most individuals who have dreamed of a better, more independent professional future, you’ve surely spent some time picturing yourself in the ideal scenario.

  • Do you see yourself working closely with others?
  • Can you picture yourself networking with key people in your community
  • Does your vision include work that helps people in your area?
  • Do you envision a professional life that includes built-in organizational support and structure?
  • Are you picturing a business that takes the needs of others into account?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, senior care franchise ownership could be a great fit for your future!

Franchise Ownership and the Future

Senior care franchise ownership is getting a lot of press today, but you might be concerned about its future. Sure, today’s seniors have expressed a strong desire to live out their retirement years at home, but what about subsequent generations? Is owning a senior care franchise a solid option for a strong business future?

The fact of the matter is that there will always be seniors — and there will always be a need for senior care. And the way our society is moving, it’s easy to see that the current trend of seniors staying at home will continue. People like having options, and now that seniors know that they can stay at home where they are comfortable, it’s unlikely that future generations will revert back to the costly nursing home model that dominated in the past.

The numbers don’t lie, either:

  • There are currently about 46 million Americans aged 65 or older
  • By 2060, that number will more than double to nearly 98 million
  • The senior segment of the population is growing faster than any other
  • The demand for elder care alternatives will likely continue to rise, largely thanks to the increase in the number of cases of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia

(Source: Aging Fact Sheet)

Senior Care Franchise Ownership -- A Strong Business Model for the FutureWhat About Your Future?

If you have a vision for your future that involves a rewarding professional life in a solid, growing industry, you owe it to yourself to consider your own senior care franchise. The industry is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down, and those who get on board today with their businesses will be well equipped to take advantage of tremendous opportunity here in the future.

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Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be successful as a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising ebook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


Non-Medical Home Care vs. Home Health Care

As a senior care business owner, you may get a lot of questions from clients and their families regarding the difference between home health care and non-medical home care. In fact, to many potential clients, a “non-medical home care business” and a “home health care business” might sound very similar. Here are a few key ways in which these two types of home care differ from each other:

Home Health Care

Home health care is usually provided by a licensed medical professional. This can include nurses, physical therapists, and speech therapists, among other professionals. While a medical crisis used to mean the end of aging-in-place for many seniors, thanks to home health care, many seniors with medical issues can remain in their homes. Home health care services are usually prescribed by the patient’s physician, and the home health care professionals will only be authorized to perform these services. A few examples of home health care services are occupational therapy, wound care, mobility training, pain management, IV therapy or injections, and post-op rehabilitation.

Non-Medical Home Care

By contrast, non-medical home care focuses on keeping seniors safe and healthy, while still allowing them to remain in their own homes. Often, seniors require a little assistance around the house, and with personal tasks, in order to keep a good quality of life. Most often, the aspect of a non-medical home care worker’s job which is most important is that of companionship. Seniors need one-on-one contact and social interaction, as well as someone to help with activities they enjoy and to provide transportation to places they need to go for errands and recreation. Non-medical home caregivers can provide assistance with bathing, food preparation, hygiene and personal care, medication management, light housekeeping, and errands. Non-medical home care can be just as crucial to a senior’s well-being as home health care can be to someone with medical issues.

By distinguishing between these two types of care, clients and families can work with your home care business to better meet the needs of seniors who require one or both types of care.

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Ready to Buy a Senior Care Franchise? Here Are 9 Things You Need to Know!

Ready to Buy a Senior Care Franchise? Here Are 9 Things You Need to Know!


Owning and operating a senior care franchise in your community is a great way to get into business for yourself while providing a valuable resource for the families in your area. But a person can’t expect to dive in head first and experience success right off the bat. Operating a franchise effectively requires you to take an intelligent approach. At the end of the day, the people who do their homework before they are awarded their franchises are the ones who get the most out of the experience, both professionally and personally.

If you or someone you know is considering opening a senior care franchise, they’ve probably done a fair amount of research and fact finding. But before they commit, it’s crucial to keep these nine concepts in mind.

#1 — Franchise Ownership Is a Collaboration

When you are awarded your own franchise unit(s), you’re joining a recognized brand name that will help you promote and sell your services. But you’re also accessing the accumulated expertise of a company that knows how to do things the right way. Certainly, you’re going to bring your own business savvy and strengths to the table, but you have to be able to collaborate with the franchisor and your regional support representatives, if you want to get the most out of your new business ownership experience.

#2 — Local Marketing Is Key

And it’s largely up to you. You will get plenty of support when it comes to marketing, but making an impact in your local market will be one of your main jobs.  How and where you network, advertise and promote your services is generally the responsibility of those most knowledgeable of the local market.

#3 — You Have to Understand Your Territory

If you’re going to market effectively in your region, you need to understand its people and the values they hold dear.  A deep understanding of the local demographics, laws, customs and ways of doing business are all basic foundations.

#4 — Obtain the Answers to All Your Questions

Before settling on a franchise ownership opportunity, it’s crucial to make a list of questions and concerns. But it’s even more important to ensure that you’ve obtained answers! Don’t go into franchise ownership unless you are satisfied with those answers.  Get the information you need to make an informed decision.

#5 —Understand the Total Investment

Do you have enough money not only to purchase your franchise, but to operate it comfortably while you get it off the ground?  How long will that take?  What is a reasonable, but conservative model?  Talk with current owners of the franchise during the ‘validation’ phase of your due diligence.  It is encouraged (if not demanded) because it is so important.

#6 —Understand the Demand for Senior Care in Your Market

The demand for in-home senior care services is high, but it’s not identical in every market. Before purchasing a franchise, it’s important to get a feel for the exact level of interest in your area.  Demographics shift and evolve, as does the amount and level of competition.

#7 — There Are Risks Involved

No business opportunity — even senior care franchising — is without risks. The more you understand the risks that you face in franchise ownership, the better able you will be to face them.  Again, the validation phase is where you get the opportunity to meet and/or talk with owners to understand their challenges and successes.

#8 — You Believe in Providing Excellent Care

Examine your reasons for getting into senior care —  There is a fine balance between having the drive to build a profitable business enterprise and the compassion to help those in need.  Too much of either aspect can have a negative effect on the other.

#9 — What Franchise Owners Have to Say

As mentioned above, performing research is crucial if you’re going to be awarded the right franchise.  Part of that research has to consist of in-depth discussions with existing franchise owners in the validation stage of your due diligence with the franchisor. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions! The answers might not always be what you want to hear, but you’ll get the truth about your potential future as a senior care franchise owner.  Remember, the current owners were in your place previously!  They understand and appreciate the process you are going through.

Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising eBook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.


How to Transition from Stay-at-Home Parenting to Home Care Franchise Ownership

Making the Transition From Stay-at-Home Parenting to Home Care Franchise Ownership

Stay-at-home parents come to a crossroads when they have finished nurturing their children into adulthood. If you find yourself there now, you know how discomforting it can be to suddenly have energy and time available that, until recently, went directly to your children’s lives.  Perhaps you want to get back into a professional life — but you are wary of going back to work for someone else in a corporate setting.  But, you might not have the desire to begin from nothing with a startup, either.  Additionally, you probably want to find yourself on a path that allows you to continue giving and providing support to those who need it.

For many people transitioning out of stay-at-home parenting, the answer is senior care franchise ownership.


Why Senior Care Franchise Ownership?

Owning a franchise is a great way to realize the career ambitions you may have put on hold to raise a family, but without many of the huge risks that accompany startup businesses.  Franchises allow you the freedom to call the shots for defining your company’s culture and vision, but operating with the guidance, support, and a proven system backing you up every step of the way.

Of course, there are several types of franchises to choose from, in every imaginable industry. Everyone is familiar with fast-food, home cleaning and hair salon franchises, for example, but other sectors of the economy are becoming known for their franchise opportunities, as well. Senior care franchises are special in that:

 They aren’t just businesses; they are community resources
 In-home senior care is a rapidly growing industry, particularly with the “Baby Boomer” generation transitioning into older age and retirement
 Senior care franchise ownership gives you the opportunity to continue providing care and support to those who need it
 Franchise ownership in the senior care sector allows you to interact with people from all walks of life, connecting you to a rich life outside the home


Making the Transition into Senior Care Franchise OwnershipMaking the Transition From Stay-at-Home Parenting to Home Care Franchise Ownership

Now that you’ve got time and energy that you didn’t have available before, you might be tempted to jump right in to the first opportunity that comes along.  However, it’s good to perform some research and a bit of soul searching to determine what path is truly the right one for you and your future.

Senior care franchise ownership is a great way to perform meaningful work in the next phase of your life and career. It may not be perfect for everyone, but it is a unique opportunity for those who may be searching for a way to earn a living and give something back to the community at the same time.

We feel confident that your research will reveal senior care franchise ownership as an excellent next-step possibility for you!


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Are you interested in learning more about what it takes to be a senior care franchise owner during the aging-in-place boom? Always Best Care is here to help you navigate the industry as one of our franchise owners! Download our FREE franchising eBook today to learn more and refer to our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document for important details.