Always Best Care: One of the Best Elderly Care Franchises

Celebrating as one of the best elderly care franchiseWe don’t like to brag, but if you are looking for the best elderly care franchise in North America, you may have found it. Franchise Gator just recognized Always Best Care as one of its 2020 Top 100 franchises. The Top 100 list represents franchises that show strong potential for growth and are solid investments. These are just two of the best reasons to become an Always Best Care franchise owner.

Of course, we are not surprised at making this list. Our all-out commitment to our franchisees is second to none and our reputation as one of the best elderly care franchise companies anywhere is the result of that commitment. But how do we show that commitment? What makes an Always Best Care senior care franchise a smart buy – one that offers sustainability and the assurance of a strong return on your investment?

Best Opportunities for Steady Revenues

One of the ways that we prove that ours is among the best elderly care franchise opportunities is our responsiveness to the most pressing needs of the healthcare marketplace. We provide services that are in greatest demand by our rising senior population.

We recognize that as people age, their health status can change dramatically and rapidly. Always Best Care franchises answer the call by delivering:

We are the only senior services franchise system that combines these three popular services, so as a franchisee you will enjoy the potential of earning revenues from multiple sources, which is unusual in the home care franchise industry.

Best Elderly Care Franchise Support System

You will appreciate the expansive, all-encompassing support that Always Best Care provides to ensure each individual owner continues to be the best elderly care franchise in the community. After an intensive 12 weeks of training, franchisees receive ongoing guidance from a knowledgeable team of corporate senior care experts and mentoring from local representatives. Franchisees also benefit from our established vendor relationships and technology platforms that can make daily operations a breeze. We take care of a lot of the back-end details so you can focus your attention on nurturing client relationships.

Best Care For Customers

Every day, we extend compassionate care to people in need. The people we work within communities across America, from social workers to doctors to family members, can attest to our high level of dedication to making a difference in people’s lives. And we do it affordably while meeting the highest standards in the healthcare industry. Our Always in Touch program, which provides a daily phone call to seniors and disabled adults living alone, is the only one of its kind in America.

There are many more reasons why Always Best Care will make the best elderly care franchise investment for you. Let us share more of those reasons with you! Please call 855-430-2273 or email [email protected].

Opportunity Knocks With Senior Care Businesses

Starting a small business is an exciting venture; it allows entrepreneurs to seize control of their own career and financial future. But with that control comes responsibility and risk, and entrepreneurs need to make the right steps early in the game to succeed.

One of the most important steps new business owners will make is choosing an industry or service area to focus their business. Senior care is a rapidly growing area with many opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Senior couple

Challenges Ahead

Starting a small business in the current economic climate may seem daunting to many entrepreneurs. According to a 2013 U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey, one of the greatest concerns for small business entrepreneurs is the strength of the economy and the amount of state and federal regulation they are subject to.

There are bright spots ahead for small business, however. Most indicators show that the economy is slowly recovering from the Great Recession. Interest rates remain low, giving entrepreneurs with good credit great opportunities to secure financing at bargain rates. The labor market has plenty of people seeking work, putting employers in an enviable position.

Demographics & Opportunity

Senior care offers an incredible opportunity to new entrepreneurs because of the rising demand for this service. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the nation’s population of adults over the age of 65 is expected to double over the next 40 years. Aging Baby Boomers—a large demographic—as well as increased longevity for seniors, are the key factors behind this population growth. Increased longevity is very important to the increase in demand for senior care services, as the older we get the more help and support we need for medical and basic living tasks.

As the population of older Americans increases, the need for quality care will increase. This includes more than medical care; it includes services like help with daily tasks, such as dressing, cooking, cleaning, and other home skills. While many believe most seniors use residential care, the majority of seniors would rather stay at home.

Home health care offers the following benefits for seniors:

  • Allows seniors to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes.
  • Increases sense of independence.
  • Seniors who stay in their homes feel more in control of their lives than those in residential care.

Cost will be a key factor in driving the growth of home health care over the next few decades. The huge growth in the elderly population will put tremendous strains on government, private insurance, and individual family budgets to provide elderly care. By keeping seniors fit to stay in their homes, tremendous savings can be realized.

Senior care franchisees


Starting a Senior Business

For those starting a senior business, the future looks promising. To move forward, there are several routes entrepreneurs can take to start a senior care business, including:

  • Medical care businesses – These companies are typically run by licensed nurses or other medical professionals to provide basic in-home medical care to seniors, such as administering medication and medical devices, health monitoring, and other related tasks.
  • Social care – These companies focus on the social needs of seniors, providing opportunities for them to interact with their peers through outings and events.
  • Home care – These businesses provide homeworkers to help seniors with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. Home care workers also provide needed companionship and can administer some medication.
  • Transportation – Senior transportation businesses cater to the unique transportation needs of seniors, providing a safe and reliable means of getting to doctor’s appointments, shopping centers, etc.

When starting a senior care franchise, entrepreneurs should carefully research the types of senior care businesses they can start and launch one that best fits their skill sets. New senior care entrepreneurs should consider working with a franchise company, as these companies can provide them with valuable resources to help make their business a success.

Finding financing is also critical to small business start-up success. There are a variety of federal and state government programs that can help small businesses get off the ground. State economic development agencies can help entrepreneurs find affordable financing for their ventures.

New elder care entrepreneurs should also take care to study the law concerning elder and home care businesses in their state and obtain all appropriate licenses and certifications. Most states have little regulation for home care businesses – one of the more attractive features of this line of work to entrepreneurs – but ensuring that you comply with regulations that may be in effect is important.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your community, download a copy of our FREE franchising eBook to learn why Always Best Care’s training, marketing, and support have grown our franchisee revenue so dramatically.


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